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Boat and Marine LED Lighting

Marine and Boat LED Lighting

Marine and Boat LED Lighting
You've just dropped anchor in a secluded bay after a magnificent 8 hour sail from your last harbour. You've been at sea for two days now and the wind has been with you all of the time so you've barely needed the engine at all. However, half way through preparing the evening meal (and having started your second glass of wine) you notice that the lights are rather dim and you find that your battery voltage is low. It gets rather tiresome having to be so careful with your power consumption but you don't really want to install another battery and you certainly don't want a wind generator. You're always nagging the family to switch stuff off.....

Exchanging your old power hungry halogen bulbs to LED Lighting will reduce the power consumption of your lighting by up to 90% and will be simpler and a lot more cost effective than the other options open to you.

JMG LED Lighting has a range of Boat and Marine LED lighting specifically designed for marine use. Whether you're wanting to replace your existing bulbs with energy efficient Marine LED Lighting and retain your existing light fittings or update and modernise to new Marine LED fittings, we can usually offer you a range of options.

Most of our replacement LED bulbs have a voltage tolerance of 10 - 30v DC so they are capable of dealing with the varying voltages experienced in 12 or 24 volt battery systems. This voltage tolerance means that you use the same bulbs whether you have a 12 or 24 volt system on board. In addition, most of our replacement bulbs have additional fuses and transient surge protectors built in to protect the bulbs from occasional voltage spikes that can occur in a battery driven system .

In the ten years we've been operating we've never felt the need to have this additional surge protection as we've had so few problems but we have always bought top quality bulbs with a wide voltage tolerance. However, customers occasionally ask for this protection so we provide it.

Replacing standard G4 halogen bulbs is relatively easy as we have an extensive range of Marine LED replacement bulbs but occasionally the choice can be confusing as what may appear to be the most obvious choice may not actually be the BEST choice. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need some help.

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Please contact us if you wish to use a dimmer switch as not all LEDs are dimmable.

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