Is it worth changing from “Energy Saving” bulbs to LED bulbs?

Most people in the LED industry (ourselves included) compare the electricity savings from switching to LED Light Bulbs from the “Energy Saving” or CFL bulbs that were promoted so strongly a few years ago.


What if you have a house or hotel full of Energy Saving bulbs – is it worth making the change?

The answer is a definite “Yes” (You’ll be surprise to hear).

When the supermarket chain Sainsbury started investigating the potential benefits of changing their stores over to LEDs from fluorescent lighting, they decided that the overall “cost of ownership” of both lighting types was a key measure that would influence their decision. This measure included not only the reduction is electricity use (LEDs use half the electricity of fluorescent tubes and “energy saving” bulbs) but also the replacement costs of the two types of bulbs (LEDs last at least three times as long as “Energy Savers”).

Cost of ownership is just as relevant to householders.

The following link will take you to a page which illustrates a typical cost comparison that would apply to bulbs you might use at home:

A Cost Comparison Between LED, CFL and Incandescent Bulbs

So what does it show ?

Total Cost of Ownership over LED Lifespan

Incandescent                             CFL                      LED

£295                                                £78                          £45.20

Yes, LEDs cost a lot more than CFLs but they use half as much electricity and last at least three times as long so the over all cost of ownership is much less that the “Energy Saving” bulbs. It’s worth clicking the link to check how these figures were arrived at.

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