10 things you MUST know before you dim LED lamps

Dimming LEDs ImageAt JMG LED Lighting we often get asked about dimming existing LEDs either in a business or or in a home. This article discusses the key aspects of the process to be followed. You might think that dimming LEDs should be a simple exercise but it’s important that the LED lights are compatible with the dimming technology to be used.

The ideal scenario is to start afresh, buying both the lights and the dimmers from a well known Company who have experience with the technology. If we try to add a dimmer into an existing system or adding dimmable LED bulbs to a dimming circuit designed for halogen bulbs the likelyhood of failure is high.  There are some excellent flexible dimming switched out there…….so ask first!

Some months ago, Lux Review opened this discussion with Dimming LED lamps: the dos and don’ts. Here we delve further into the issue and look at what it means once the decision’s taken to go ahead with a dimmable LED installation.

Source: 10 things you MUST know before you dim LED lamps