Lighting in businesses can be improved with a little thought

Many businesses are not making the most of the opportunities available to them through the flexibility and controllability that LED lighting can offer.


Changing the lighting in businesses is a great start but a little creativity can make an enormous difference and really make a business stand out from the crowd.


We get into so many businesses and all the owners have done is changed the bulbs and this will undoubtedly make a significant difference to the electricity bill for the building.


Adding some ¬†lighting into specific areas such as over shelving units, over food display units or over a key area in your retail display can be a relatively inexpensive means of highlighting import areas of your shop and remove a “bland” overall lighting scheme.

LED Lighting in Bar Area
LED Lighting highlighting a key area of the bar

LEDs in Business and Energy Efficiency

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Paul Crooks

We've been working with the better end of LED Lighting products since 2005, starting with 12 volt LEDs for Motorhome, Caravan and Marine use. Now that Domestic and Commercial LED lighting is of good enough quality we've been selecting top quality products from established LED manufacturers to ensure that we supply great LED Lighting products at reasonable prices. Although we are a relatively small LED Lighting business, we work closely with our suppliers and take time with our customers to make sure we fully understand your needs before we make recommendations to meet those needs. Call us in 07901 852950 to discuss your requirements.

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  1. This is the reason why lighting should be part of your home’s interior design. Make sure that you include it to the details of your house. Light will make or break the beauty of your house.

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