How to convert a 12v/24v bayonet light fitting to an LED

How easy is it to convert a traditional light fitting to use an LED bulb?

The answer, thankfully is that it’s very easy nowadays. The photograph below shows a very popular light fitting which ordinarily uses a 20 watt incandescent bayonet bulb but which has been converted to an LED equivalent which uses only 2.5 watts – a saving of 17.5 watts EACH HOUR!

LED Bulb Conversions
Traditional light fitting converted to LED bulb

All that’s been used is an adaptor which has a bayonet fitting on one end and a G4 fitting at the other end, into which you place an LED bulb.

Using these adaptors gives you complete control of the power of the LED bulb and whether you want Warm White or Cool White LEDs.
Adaptor-for-JMG-LED-Blog12-LED-Rear-PinThis is the combination used in the fitting shown above but any of the bulbs shown on our site can be used:

LED Bulbs to exchange for Halogen Bulbs

The same principal applies if you have a light fitting where the bayonet bulb fits in sideways into the unit. In the following image, the same adaptor has been used and the end of the adaptor twisted around until the side fitting LED bulb pointed in the desired direction. (Make sure you take the bulb out before you twist the end of the adaptor…..or you’ll just pull the pins off the bulb!)


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